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expand What is the Bios Urn?

Bios Urn is a biodegradable urn, designed to turn the ashes of a person or pet into a tree. Thanks to its design and manufacture, the urn provides proper germination and later growth of the tree, based on a person or pet’s ashes. In this way, death becomes a transformation and return to life by means of nature.

Who created it?

Bios Urn was an idea from designer Gerard Moliné, introduced in the year 1997. Later on, in the year 2002, Bios Urn won the ADI FAD medal, and in the year 2005, it was a Top Nominee for the INDEX Award and Premio Expohogar Regalo (Exhihome Gift Award). After several years, and with Roger Moliné joining the team, Bios Urn became a start-up company with the aim of changing the way people understands life.!

What is the purpose of Bios Urn?

The intent of Bios Urn is to offer users an alternative for remembering deceased persons in a natural, sustainable fashion, thereby turning the “death” process into regeneration and return to life by means of nature. Our company objective is none other than to offer a economic, ecological and sustainable product that falls in line with our group’s philosophy.

Why use Bios Urn?

We like Bios Urn because:

1. It is innovative. It demonstrates the possibilities for invention have by no means been exhausted. Creativity can provide real solutions to current problems.
2. It is useful. Thanks to its creative process, Bios Urn becomes something necessary to achieve proper growth from ashes.
3. It is aesthetic. It is a simple, kind object, designed for our well-being.
4. It is understandable. Its shape describes its function. It is self-explanatory.
5. It is discrete. Bios Urn leaves no trace of identification that it has been used.
6. It is honest. It is a product with a very specific role that does not intend to be more innovative or valuable than it truly is.
7. It is long-lasting and independent. Thanks to its manufacturing process, Bios Urn does not “expire”, and as such, its use is not bound by any specific period, epoch or place.
8. Its design is democratic. Its price is reasonable and allows for total compatibility in logistics processes and commercial distribution.
9. It is sustainable. Both the product and its function imply an environmental, social and economic improvement for a growing problem, overpopulation and metropolis growth.
10. It is simple. Less, but better.

How to plant Bios Urn?

Bios Urn is very simple to use. First, we must place the ashes in the lower cone, closing the urn with the top capsule. Once ready, we must open and mix the components in the top capsule, adding soil from the site where we are going to plant the urn. The top capsule will become the perfect growth medium to allow the growth of the seed or sprout. Finally, we add the seed in the upper capsule. For fastest growth, we can replace the seed by any other type of sprout, shrub or plant.

The Bios Urn should be planted about 1-2 inches from the soil surface. Once planted, make sure the seed has the appropriate water and humidity levels.

What care does Bios Urn require?

Bios Urn needs the same care as a normal tree: water, sunlight and a good temperature. As such, in order to ensure proper growth, a site with proper soil humidity, an appropriate temperature and few hours of sunlight must be selected. These parameters shall vary according to the type of tree we want to use, so we suggest that you consult our posts with information on each seed or tree.

If the process requires too much care on the part of the user, a good option is to use a sprout or tree in the growth process.

Can I use Bios Urn with old ash?

Bios Urn can be used with ash saved from another urn. As such, if you already have the ash in your house, you may purchase the urn and transfer the ashes into it. You can also bring the Bios Urn to a crematorium or funeral home so they can handle the task for you.

Does it have expiration date?

Bios Urn does not have an expiration date. Thanks to the materials with which it is designed, we can keep the urn indefinitely. To keep its preservation, we recommend keeping the product in a dry place.

What is the capacity of the Bios Urn

The Bios Urn has been designed to hold all the ashes resulting after the process of cremation. The capacity of the urn is 5.8 lbs. Nonetheless, it can be used with a smaller amount just in case a symbolic portion is being saved.

Is available for pets?

Yes. Currently, Bios Urn is manufactured for people and for pets. You can find more information on the urns in the shop section of the website.

What is the difference between the Bios Urn for humans and for pets?
Bios Urn for humans and for pets is the same product. Bios Urn is universal, in the sense that it has the same shape, the same color and the same price. The only difference is packaging and labeling, to aid in identifying the product.
What type of seeds can I use with Bios Urn?

You can use any seed. In fact, we recommend that you consult with an expert to find out what type of tree and in which area you should plant your tree.

How much does Bios Urn cost?

Bios Urn costs $160 USD.