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Thank you to the following industry professionals, bloggers and customers for their reviews and testimonials about our cast bronze memorial, recognition, commemorative and award plaques and bronze grave markers.

Silver Cloud's bronze foundry is the last of a handful in North America who remain family-owned and dedicated to the complete satisfaction of those who order our quality cast bronze plaques and bronze grave markers.

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"(The bronze grave marker) was a highlight of my grandfather's funeral"

"A few months go my grandfather passed away and we ordered a "Faith & Stream" design theme grave marker from you. The was excellent and it was delivered with great customer service. It was designed beautifully and it looked artistic. It was the highlight of my grandfather's funeral and he will be remembered by us forever."


John Cottingham
Albany, NY

(I) was impressed with all that Silver Cloud's offers"

"I am not afraid of cemeteries. In fact, on many occasions, I have wandered around a cemetery while visiting a certain grave. I love finding the old graves, and reading about peoples lives. I hope when I die, Junior (my son) looks at this website and finds something that I would love.

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They have many different bronze plaques and memorial plaques, and they have so many designs to choose from. In fact, while I was browsing the site, I found a pretty cool looking bronze grave marker that has a stream and fish on it, and I immediately thought of my husband. Is that weird? I guess it's a good thing to be prepared, right? This site has so many epitaph examples to look through, I guess I was bound to find something I liked.


I think he would prefer a grave marker to a huge tombstone. We are all about the simple things, so why change that? I was also reading about their commemorative and dedication plaques, and was impressed with all that Silver Cloud offers. For instance, if you want a garden memorial plaque that you are going to mount on a boulder, rock or tree stump, they can make a fake boulder, rock, or tree stump for you and have it delivered to your doorstep. It will also have the plaque mounted when they deliver it.


If you are thinking of having a plaque made for any reason, check out this site. There is no middle man since they cast your plaque themselves in their bronze foundry, which keeps their prices down."



"This website pretty much has things laid out in the open"

"A few years ago, a woman donated her home and bank account to a local animal rescue, as outlined in her will. I am sure the hopes were that her home could be used by the group, but unfortunately, because it fell into such disrepair, it could only be sold for whatever could be had on the market.

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I am sure that is what she would have wanted, as the money was put to good use. However, it was discovered that she didn't have anyone. She had not had any children, had never married as far as was known, and had no one who ever came to check on her. In fact, some neighbors were not aware that a house had been there, only an empty, overgrown lot. As the bramble and branches were hacked away, the home emerged.


That being so, members of the rescue buried her and had a proper funeral. They bought a headstone and bought her a plot. It made me very attune to all the requests I see out there for help with a plaque. This is but one example, but other people and other organizations find themselves in the position of needing to purchase one or asking for donations for a bronze plaque for various purposes.


It could be a plaque at no one's grave, but for a memorial plaque or marker letting the public know who a tree was planted in memory of. I know that such things can sometimes eat away at any money that was left behind, but just like anything else, I found that you can shop the competition online.


Actually (this website) has some all-inclusive prices that you can use as a guide in case you should find yourself being duly elected to the fact finding committee (a committee of one). Most of the time (when shopping for a bronze plaque), you have to call for quotes, but this website pretty much has things laid out in the open.


I hope your organization never finds themselves in the position of burying a member because no one is left. I hope it is more likely that someone living wins the lottery and you decide to commemorate their gift of a park bench with a plaque instead."



"BronzeMarkersAndPlaques.com has what you need at affordable prices"

"If you've ever lost a loved one as my husband has, then you know that the stress and sorrow that comes along with it are simply unbearable. At a time like that, what you don't need is financial stress on top of it all compounding your feelings of despair.


Fourteen years ago, he lost his father. He can't even begin to tell you how that hit him like a thick brick wall. To make matters worse for his whole family, they really had no plan on how they would deal with it, and they had little to no money with which to handle the expenses. They ended up just settling for the minimum cost service and burial.

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It would have been nice if they could have been able to afford a nice bronze grave marker with a nice epitaph such as this website where you will see a wide selection of bronze grave markers and bronze plaques that can be used as a grave marker, put on some kind of memorial rock or memorial tree, and much more.


What ever the memory (whether happy or sad), BronzeMarkersAndPlaques.com has what you need at affordable prices. Their bronze foundry is one of only a few left in this continent, and if you buy directly from them, you leave out the middleman cost that the funeral home (or whoever ), will charge you.


If you check out the website, you will see that bronze memorial plaques and bronze grave markers are well within your budget. The reality is, you never know when it is going to be time to take these kinds of actions. Life is unpredictable, and you should be prepared. God bless."



"Searching on the Internet (for a bronze marker) can be frustrating"

"Whether it is a joyous time when someone will be getting an award or recognition, or a sad time when needed for a grave marker, purchasing bronze plaques and grave markers can be a very frustrating experience. It can be difficult to find a bronze foundry that offers an affordable and quality product.


Most retailers of bronze markers and plaques are simply middlemen. They make their profit by taking an order and faxing it off to one of the few large foundries that simply add the order to their assembly line.

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Even searching on the Internet (for a bronze marker) can be a frustrating experience since there are lots of sites to review, most of which purposely don't show their prices. And it is not hard to find sites that claim to be the actual manufacturer, even when you see the same 'sample' photos displayed on multiple sites. Who really IS making the plaque?


And then there is the time needed to make a call, fax or email text and design, and wait for a quote. Definitely not the best way to make use of your time.

Instead, Silver Cloud's website is simple to use. It promotes its 100 year old foundry, one of the last in North America that is still family owned. The site gives foundry-direct pricing on their highly crafted products, whether it is needed as a bronze memorial, a recognition plaque, a garden commemorative or any of many award plaques and bronze grave markers.


Whether you need a bronze plaques, memorial plaques, commemorative plaques, or any other of their products, the all-inclusive prices are clearly listed, including free unlimited 'text that fits' in the design, no charge for line art-style graphics or logs, fast turnaround time of proofs by fax or email and free shipping."

"I'm really glad that there are places like BronzeMarkersAndPlaques.com"

"I wish that I had known about this website when my grandmother died of lung cancer in April of 2005. Although her brothers pitched in, along with my own mother and father, to get her a really nice gravestone, I still feel like the utmost of care should always go into choosing the right gravestone for a loved one.


Especially my grandmother, because out of everyone that's in my family with the exception of my own son, I was always the closest to her. And it didn't hurt matters any that I inherited her bodily structure and face! Haha. That's what people always said.

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Up until recently, I didn't have the faintest idea as to where one would go about buying these sorts of things. Until the spring of 2005, death was a foreign concept that didn't really hit home with me. No one in my immediate family had ever died until that point, and the only reason that I say immediate was because my grandmother lived with us from almost my birth all the way up until her death.


Had my grandmother been able to live even a year longer, she would probably have met my son. But since I spent the good lot of that year caring for her as her cancer progressed and got worse, had she still been alive by March of 2006 I doubt that I would even have had time to conceive my son, truth be told!

I'm really glad that there are places like BronzeMarkersAndPlaques.com, though. They make the choosing and the ordering process as easy as it can ever be in times like those. And even though the economy is pretty bad right now, you can still rest assured that you'll be able to get something meaningful and nice for your loved ones whenever their "time" might come. And that reminds me; I need to visit my grandmother's gravestone."


Jennifer Hennings
Sioux Falls, SD

"....we really appreciate the service that you provide"

"Thank you for your patience in working with us. I must say that the process of putting together the text and design for the marker has brought my family closer together in this difficult time, and we really appreciate the service that you provide.

At first we weren't sure if we could ever agree on the right lines to immortalize in bronze, as each of us remembered (our father) differently. But surprisingly, and thanks to your flexibility, we were able to do so rather easily and the process was healing and endearing for us. I hope other families can experience the same."


I. Hutabarat, Virginia